How to File Income Tax in Singapore


Lah, you're here because it's that time of the year again, isn't it? Tax season! Income tax, while it might sound tedious, is an integral part of adulting in Singapore. Before we dive deep into the process, let's get some basic understanding.

How to File Income Tax in Singapore


Background of Income Tax in Singapore

Singapore's taxation system is progressive. This means, the higher your income, the higher the tax you pay. But compared to many countries, our tax rates are relatively low. Sweet deal, right?

Why is Income Tax Important?

You might wonder, why even bother with this? Apart from it being a legal requirement, there are some other crucial reasons.

Funding Public Services

The taxes we pay help fund our public services. Think MRT, hospitals, and the police force. In essence, our contributions help Singapore run smoothly.

Impact on Personal Finances

On a personal level, timely tax filing ensures you avoid unnecessary penalties. Plus, understanding how much you owe helps with budgeting and financial planning.

Steps to File Income Tax in Singapore

Okay, now the juicy part. How exactly do you go about filing your income tax?

Determine Tax Residency

First things first, determine if you're considered a tax resident. If you've lived or worked in Singapore for at least 183 days in a calendar year, you're one! Non-residents have different tax rates and might not be entitled to certain reliefs.

Gather Necessary Documents

Before you start, get all your documents in order. This includes your employment income, other incomes like rent, and details of tax reliefs or deductions you're claiming.

Using myTax Portal

Head over to the myTax Portal – it's the go-to place for all tax-related matters in Singapore. Follow the prompts, fill in your details, and submit! Most of the time, your employment income is auto-included, making things super convenient.

Making Payments

After submission, you'll get a Notice of Assessment (NOA). This shows the tax amount you need to pay. Remember to pay by the stipulated deadline to avoid penalties!

Common Mistakes and Tips

Here are some common slip-ups and tips to ensure you have a smooth-sailing tax season.

Not Declaring All Income

Always declare all sources of income. It's not just about your monthly salary; it includes freelance gigs, rental income, etc. IRAS has ways of finding out undisclosed income, and you wouldn't want to get caught, right?

Missing the Deadline

Don't procrastinate! Missing the deadline results in unnecessary penalties. Mark your calendar, set reminders, do whatever it takes to remember.


Phew! That wasn't too hard, was it? Income tax might seem like a huge mountain, but once you've climbed it a few times, it's just another hill. So, gear up, Singaporean friend, and tackle this tax season with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the tax rate higher for non-residents in Singapore?

Answer: Yes, non-residents have a different tax rate, and it's generally higher than for tax residents.

Q2: Can I seek extensions if I can't pay my taxes on time?

Answer: Yes, you can contact IRAS to discuss possible payment plans.

Q3: What if I realize I made a mistake after submitting my tax forms?

Answer: You can make amendments via the myTax Portal. It's better to correct it sooner rather than later!

Q4: Are there penalties for late tax payments?

Answer: Yes, late payments can result in penalties. Always try to pay on time.

Q5: How can I ensure I've declared all my income sources?

Answer: Regularly review and update your financial records. Keep track of all income streams, big or small.

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